19 | Baltimore, MD
Anonymous asked: Are you seeing anyone?


angelicalalma asked: When Is Your Birthday?

Nov 29

Anonymous asked: How tall are you?


Anonymous asked: Do you have a vine

Should I make one

Anonymous asked: What did you do to get your hair that shade of green 😻? I've tried but they all come out too bright.

Ahaha I don’t know I just do stuff and it comes out Ay ok

nieshmoney asked: new hair looks pretty, was actually thinking of doing peacock green myself. did you have to pre-lighten it much?

20 developer and bleach

Anonymous asked: Do you ever go anywhere? You always take pictures in a bathroom?

No I’m a homebody

deucenot2 asked: face just gave me faith in Baltimore

I get that a lot

Anonymous asked: When your birthday bae ?

November 29