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Anonymous asked: do you have a twitter


Anonymous asked: What's your Instagram? & OMG you're gorgeous ! Love the blog btw.

Thank you 💋 And my IG is brilliiance

What is a Goddess?


A woman who is in the process of learning to know, accept and love herself on all levels, Mind Body and Spirit. A woman who, because she focuses on personal growth and self awareness, experiences a life, increasingly filled with peace, love, joy, passion and fun. A woman that understands that she has unlimited capacity to make her life anything she wants. A woman who is inspired to give to those around her because of her sense of gratitude and abundance.

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really in the mood for receiving $50,000,000

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Anonymous asked: Hi! I plan on buying hair from you soon & I wanted to know which one out of peruvian straight & Brazilian body wave would be best to get if I want to be able to wear it straight or with a little wave/loose curl? I was thinking of getting peruvian straight I just want to know if I decided to curl it will the waves/loose curls hold up? Thanks in advance!

Yes all my hair holds curl for days! Even the Peruvian! You’ll love it I promise 💋

Anonymous asked: im depressed and me and mom fight and she emotinally abuses me and I cry and have sucidal thoughts alot , she doesnt do anything for me anymore and she broke my phone and isnt paying for a new one and always humilates me and im really insecure .

Things will get better. Remember that always. Bad times don’t last forever.